Wedding in Santorini is memorable and habitual at the same time. Habitual - because the locals have got used for a long time already to this fact that the lovers from all over the world arrive here to connect two hearts together. A memorable ... probably because the wedding on Santorini is always magical!


There is some magical atmosphere of romance and love. It is felt in the cozy and graphic streets like from fairty tails, on hot black sandy beaches. And that it is the main ingredient in the celebration. 


Eeach corner of Santorini is absolutely photogenic and is ideal for a wedding ceremony. Luxury villas and hotels with romantic white terraces, hided intimate rocks and hills, long beaches and of course cozy churches. Just choose!

And if you bring love this magical island will give very much from it’s own. For example, incredible sunsets of Santorini. The wedding is often hosted at this time of day when the sun paints marvelous scenery of the island in unique colors. When words are not needed and you can see romance with your own. Many times we have tried to capture the sunsets in the photos, but probably in all glory can be seen only with your own eyes.
Another gift of love from the hospitality of the island – a lot of churches. If you decide to have orthodox wedding - Santorini simply abounds with small and cozy churches, where the largest and most powerful feelings of both are connected with ancient and beautiful ceremony.
There are many things on the island that will be interesting for future newlyweds and those who just decided to have a vacation.


And we can help you to fall in love with this magic island!