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wedding planning and event design in Corfu

"Rosmarin Corfu Weddings" offer:

- to plan from "a" to "z" your wedding in Corfu, Santorini and other Greece destinations;
- best solutions and scenarios for your wedding day in Corfu and other destinations;
- to coordinate your wedding day and to take care about all details;
- to take care about wedding styling and whole wedding concept.


"Rosmarin Corfu Weddings" is local based Corfu wedding planners, full service wedding planning and design studio that creates one-of-a-kind weddings inspired by the love stories and adventures of our incredible couples. We treat each wedding as our own, which means that we take on a limited number of weddings per year in order to ensure that your wedding gets the attention to detail it deserves. From our first meeting to the last goodbye at brunch, we're focused on making your wedding experience every bit as magical as you are dreaming it will be.  

We have teams in Corfu and Santorini which will take care about your event in the best possible way.


Whether you need assistance from the very beginning of the planning process or are halfway there and have realized you need help pulling the remainder of the logistics together, we can help! We offer full service planning, as well as customized partial planning services for clients who are midway through the planning process. We handle everything from finding your venue, to negotiating and contracting with vendors, to making detailed timelines and floor plans. Of course, everything is meticulously coordinated and our team is on-site on your wedding day to execute everything exactly as you've envisioned it. 


The "other half" to wedding planning is design and styling. We're here to make your wedding beautiful. We start the process with color palettes and mood boards. We a create look and feel for your wedding day that will weave throughout your planning process - all of your vendors, from your photographer to your calligrapher, will be hand-picked to match the aesthetic we create for you. We bring on creative vendors to execute your wedding vision, from talented florists to expert lighting designer and beyond. Then, we dig into the details. We find the perfect linens and rentals to tie everything together and curate various elements to make the perfect tablescape. We specialize in personalized touches that make your wedding day feel just that - yours. 


Our couples

From year to year lot of couples from all over the world choose Corfu as their dream wedding destination. We've helped already to couples from Australia, USA, Russia, France, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, England and many more to organize fairy weddings in Corfu, and this list is never ending. As local based Corfu wedding planners we know how much is important to have someone professional on the site who will keep under control all wedding planning process, especially when we are talking about destination weddings. Due distances sometimes couples can not come even once prior their wedding to inspect vendors or explore venues. However from all this time we showed to our clients that they can fully trust us regarding all questions which may appear during the wedding planning. We provide detailed information about all stages of wedding planning, can guarantee that our couples will have all needed photos and videos of the venues they might to choose and best selected vendors we work with.



Wedding in Corfu can be the fulfillment of your dreams! If you’ve ever imaged your celebration among the lush green hills, olive groves, overlooking the infinite blue sea - then Corfu is a place that will suit you perfectly.


Big Island, stretched on more than 60 km in the Ionian Sea, which extolled Homer in his "Odyssey". Lovely Corfu is different from usual Greek landscapes. And that’s the truth ... If you look, the architecture is more like a cozy Italian buildings, and beautiful Corfiot scenery can compete with Tuscany.


Weddings in Corfu are always graceful: wedding in Corfu - symbolic, orthdox or civil - attracts a lot of couples from around the world. And there is nothing to be surprised! The island is really amazing.


For couples who have decided to tie the knot in Corfu the island can offer a rich choice of wedding locations - white luxury villas hidden from prying eyes, cozy gourmet restaurants in the azure lagoons, and for those who appreciate elegance with a touch of history - palaces and small Castello’s, imbued with the spirit of Venetian age.


You are the ones who are looking for privacy and romance? Then let me offer you an intimate wedding in bohemian style in the olive grove where the trees reminds fairytale giants. Your wedding in Corfu can be any as you wish!


Everything in Corfu reunited together! Nature, warm Greek hospitality and, of course, delicious Greek cuisine.

Saint Spyridon, the patron of the island, will give you his blessing and will protect your marriage. Therefore don’t forget to come and worship him in the heart of Corfu Town before the wedding day.


Rich emerald island is always ready to open embrace to the hearts of lovers, just wish!

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