W O R K I N G   W I T H   U S



Start by sending me an email here. Include as many details as possible about you, your wedding plans and what you think you’ll need help with.  We’ll get back to you within one working day, confirming my availability. Our reply will include an invitation for a first face-to-face (video or in person) meeting.


During our first consultation you’ll tell us all about you, your story and your wedding vision. We will, in turn, answer any questions you might have at this stage.

We never move forward without having this meeting, because we believe it’s extremely important to see each other first. We should get a feel of how we get along before we proceed to the next stage.


After the meeting, we’ll send you a customised wedding service proposal. This document will include a quote and a breakdown of services covered in your package. Everything will be tailored to you, based on the information you provide during our first call.


If you are happy with the proposed services, we’ll proceed with the booking (YAY!). To book you’ll need to deposit % of the fee  and agree to the terms of service. All the details you need will be included with your proposal.