Anna is the most amazing wedding planner any couple could ever wish for. She is so sweet, knowledgable and an amazing person. Even though we live in NYC she communicated with us daily and understood exactly what we dreamed of for our special day. She took our taste and combined it with her beautiful/unique style and created the wedding of our dreams. She made wedding planning so stress free and easy. She made our wedding a success and whoever attended said they had never been to a more beautiful and well organized wedding before. We love you Anna!! Thank you for making our wedding EXACTLY what we wished for. You and your team are incredible!!!! 



What a service Anna and her team provide , from day 1 everything was communicated with ease (what’s app Skype emails ) , any legal requirements taken care off and any obstacle sorted without any stress . Even when the weather let us down Anna sorted it out moved the service and reception inside then party outside when it cleared up. Can’t recommend Rosmarin weddings enough. Thanks for everything .



It was such a pleasure working with Anna and her team! We live in NYC but we wanted to get married in Corfu, Greece, my hometown. From day one, Anna understood our vision and it felt right. We just had to describe our ideas and she brought it to life! She helped with the vendors needed, design ideas, bookings, took care of the little things that made a difference, organizing and planning our destination wedding. Communication is paramount in this business, and Anna really has that down. She made sure that we actually enjoyed our wedding planning. 

The ceremony and venue's ambience was electrifying with spectacular and modern details who made this event unforgettable. Friends and family joined us in Corfu from 14 different countries and they insist it was the best event they have ever been! The whole weekend went without a hitch!

Overall, the service that we received far exceeded our expectations and it was well worth it. We are forever thankful for Anna and her team!



Dear Anna,we had a dream wedding day with your help, and we need to thank you ! We managed to combine our wish and your experience in the decoration and we'll remember the day through the wonderful photos that Mikhail and Katya took. Your recommandations for the catering, cake, car rental, villa details, church, best DJ, the help of Leonidas and videographers deserve big thanks. You are part of our story and we wish you the best of luck for the future 💍!
Our best regards,
Alina ❤ George



Where can I even start about the amazing Anna?! From our very first conversation, I just knew that we were on the exact same wavelength, and that she would help us put on the most incredible wedding.
Anna has amazing taste and knows exactly how to plan a stylish, modern, and memorable event. The suppliers that she works with are all the absolute best in the business, and the way that she styled the decor for our special day was just breathtaking. Our guests are STILL raving about what an amazing time they had - the food, the cocktail bar, the decor, the music, the flowers, the cake... everything was just above and beyond, and it was truly the most magical day. I can’t even imagine all the extra time and energy that was spent behind the scenes for our big day, because Anna and her husband Leo just handled it for us and took away our stress.
Getting to know Anna and Leo during the wedding planning process and during our time in Corfu was so wonderful, and we'll miss them both! 
Thank you so much again! Love always from Marina and Kevin (and mum Angela) xxxxx



Anna was amazing to work with and made sure our wedding day was everything we dreamed of. She made the entire process stress free and did a perfect job making our wedding special. It was important to me that we legally got married in Corfu and it be legally recognized in our country. Anna did all the research necessary and made sure to include that aspect for our ceremony. She thought of details I never expected from tableware to a beautiful lantern to set off at the end of the night. I highly recommend Anna for anyone considering getting married in Greece. She is amazing at what she does and takes the time to get to know the couple and make the day special, beautiful, organized and stress free. We plan on going back to Corfu for future anniversaries and hope to work with Anna again. There are not words to fully express our gratitude. Our wedding day and week was absolutely perfect, all thanks to Anna and the team at Rosmarin Weddings!



Such a perfect day! We want to thank Anna personally for all the love and help she showed us throughout the whole process! Not only did she make our day absolutely perfect, she went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and loved throughout our year long planning process. We would not trade Rosmarin weddings for anyone else!!! She was on point and came to see us as soon as we arrived to Corfu, she was always quick to respond and timely with her organization. She helped us with everything from the little details she did not have to be there for to the huge preparations that went into the day, she did a phenomenal Job! We highly recommend her to anyone looking to get married in Corfu or Santorini!! You could not pick a better wedding planner!! 
Thank you again for everything!!! 
All our love! 



After we decided we wanted to elope and get married in santorini our second decision was who to have help us organise our special day. After loads of researching and Skyping different people I found Anna. Although Anna is not from Santorini, this did not hinder her ability to help create a beautiful wedding for us here. She always promptly replied to the many emails I sent. Thank you for your assistance Anna!



What a wonderful day! Big thank you to Anna and Leonidas for making our day special! 
We have exchanged tons of e-mails and Anna was always helpful and seeking best options for us. After months of preparation and planning Anna made sure everything went smoothly and took our stress away on our wedding day. Every single detail was taken care of and played to perfection. We absolutely loved it and would have not made it all work without Anna!

Thank you soo much once again for making our dream wedding come true xxx



Anna was perfect!!! For a detail freak like me, she handled everything perfect. Answered every e-mail, she had charts and everything was structured. I couldnt ask for a better wedding planner. And if you check her webpage you will see that she has an eye for details! Love her ?



Our wedding 10/10/2016 was unforgettable, thanks to Anna and Leo. In the planning of our wedding we faced with really big problem: it was very difficult to find agency wich could help us to organize our big day in Santorini. A lot of companies were not available (5 agencies wrote us that till spring 2017 all is full),or we just couldnt find contact with each other. I really dont remember how we found "Rosmarin wedding" but now i understand that it was a gift from up. I cant find words to explain how i was happy to work with Anna and her husband. Since first call in skype i understood that we did right choice. Ceremony,decoration,restaurant,photographer ALL was perfect. Anna feels wishes of people very well,her taste is perfect (if you dont know how to do something,just trust Anna and you will be pleasantly surprised by result).
Thank you veryyyy veryyyy much for this incredible job! You are magicien who has made our dreams come true!
P.S I hope each 5-10 years we will do celebration of our wedding day and guess who will organize this crazy 



Hi! My name is Maria,and I wanna thank Anna and "Rosmarin Weddings" for everything!
Anna made a faboulous work for our wedding, in Sep 23/2016 in Corfu,Greece.
My husband and I could not have made a better choice for wedding planner in Greece. Not only did they do a spectacularly beautiful job of the decoration and planning, it was such a joy to work with Anna that you feel as family member indeed. I would recommend Anna and her team to anyone getting married!

Thank you very much, Anna-***



We had an amazing beautiful wedding in Corfu and in Barbati, il was exactly what we were dreaming about and even beyond. Thanks to Anna, Leonidas, and there efficient team. Corfu is really a great island to get married!



Planning a wedding abroad may seem difficult and stressful... Not if you can count on the precious collaboration with Anna, that email after email is able to transform your wishes into reality ... It has been a pleasure to become friends sharing tastes, preferences and quirks, and then meet each other in the most beautiful day of my life. A sincere "thank you!" to Anna and Leo becouse, with patience, professionalism and charm they realized our dreams: fairytale wedding in an enchanting setting! The reality has exceeded my wishes......a simple and romantic wedding but at the same time fashionable. Chiara, Ivan and P. :)



It could not be denied that wedding is a special event… that little girls begin to dream of at the age of five or six twisting and turning before the mirror with mom’s bridal veil on… The event that you begin to plan for six month or upwards before… The event that runs in a heartbeat leaving just sweet memories.
And right now looking through our wedding album I feel a breath of warm wind, hear the words of our vows and my heart is brimming over with happiness and gratitude. Firstly I have no words to express my gratitude to my husband who took my «What about wedding in Santorini?!» with cool-headedness typical only of lawyers and pathologists). Secondly I feel sincere gratitude to the person who has made our dreams come true – Anna.
There were not so many testimonials for Rosmarin Weddings and Events in Russian wedding forums or blogs but I could find many beautiful pictures of their work and they spoke volumes. We were in different countries and our first meeting was via skype. It made us feel that Ann was perfect for us as we had the same ideas about wedding ceremonies and work. As a result her great skills, irreproachable artistic taste and executive talent made our wedding day really memorable. She paid attention and took into account all our wishes down to the smallest details such as flowers in the wedding bouquet or dishes for our wedding dinner.
Annie is a real fairy. Thanks to her we didn’t feel nervous at wedding day but only savored the moment, enjoyed ourselves being overcome with emotions and feelings. That was an ideal intimate wedding just for two – our tender little fairy-tale.
So, Ann, thank you so much for one of the best days in our life… the day we love to relive... the day that will remain in our hearts forever.
From the husband: I fail words to express thanks to my wife who took my «Oh, please, no Civil Registry Office» with humor typical only of her and pathologists  and said «Great, honey! I know a much better place for you and me – Santorini»




It was love at first sight, more correct - from phone conversation. We searched for a long time our agency to organize the wedding, and just visited the web-site of "Rosmarin Weddings" I realized that I wanted a wedding only from this agency. These emotional stories, portfolio and unique variation of weddings. After the first call, I realized that this is what we need, and after a meeting with Anna aware that we are on the right way. Friends who organized celebrations abroad warned us that this is a troublesome story and we will not have holiday for ourselve, maybe we will be fully absorbed by the problem solving and organizational matters. But starting organization with "Rosmarin Weddings" I knew it was not our case. Anya has left us only pleasant moments: choice of wedding costumes, wedding color palette and flowers. I can write long and hard about this unforgettable period of my life when we were getting ready for the wedding and of course, as each bride, I had doubts that something goes wrong or does not as we dreamed. But what we got in the final exceeded our expectations and we enjoyed three days of exceptional professional organization of our special day, pre-wedding party and after-party (boat trip with our friends). Thanks to "Rosmarin Weddings" we with my husband could only enjoy and have fun with these happiest days of our lives. Many thanks to Anya and her agency for the fact that there are so many cool doing on your job. If we will deside to have church wedding the organization we will trust only to "Rosmarin Weddings".



Getting married is most girls dream and as it is your wedding is also a dream.
I wanted to create my dream wedding and in doing so I decided I wanted to have a weddingplanner as it was a destination wedding.
We chose Santorini as our wedding destination and I started searching for a wedding planner. I quickly came across Rosmarin Weddings and found their internet site appealing. I wrote an email to Anna and immediately recieved a response from her.
She made our dream wedding come true. She was incredibly helpful , service minded and always just a dial or message away.
She managed the wedding with great attention to all detalis and in the right order.
Everything was ordered and delivered on time.
She stayed for the entire wedding and made sure every detail was perfect and organized.
I couldnt have chosen a better Wedding planner. I would highly reccommend Rosmarin Weddings and Anna Dedes to everyone. She will make your dream day come true ❤️



We were so glad to engage Anna as our wedding planner in Greece! She was very decisive and easy to work with. If you are looking for someone who has an eye for styling details, she would be perfect for the job! Thank you, Anna!



Anna did an excellent job organizing our wedding! She was very helpful, always quick to reply, and positive. Everything came out even better than expected. Besides organizing the wedding day and the day after, Anna gave very good recommendations regarding things to do and places to eat around Corfu. We would never be able to organize such great event for our friends and family without her. Everyone was entertained and happy! We highly recommend Rosmarin Wedding if you are looking for a wedding planner in Corfu or Santorini! 



Artem has asked me a year after we met. However, there was no wedding for the next year or 2 years. This, of course, you can not blame the circumstances, lack of time, etc., but the real reason probably was that I had no idea what should be our wedding. But I knew that there must be something special.

One evening my friends and shared their impressions after the holidays. They told about their trip to Greece, on the fabulous island of Santorini and what a beautiful wedding, they saw there. On the same evening into Google asks for "Wedding in Santorini". I do not know, but a lot of links I chose Anna’s page. What I saw there inspired me so much that the next day me and Artem knew exactly what will be our wedding! We immediately wrote a letter to Anna. The main question was whether she will take for the organization of our wedding, because she was in Moscow at that moment, and we -  in Tallinn. And she said that the distance is no problem and the organization went under way. Hundreds of letters, Skype, phone calls - 12 months passed very quickly.

And then came the long-awaited wedding day. Everything was like a fairy tale! I didn’t have even second of worries, all worries Anya took over. We just had to enjoy the beauty of Santorini, the warm breeze, and of course, each other! This day will forever remain in our hearts!

Thank you for your help, support, professionalism and good taste! I hope that someone from our friends will be inspired by our experience and will organize a wedding in Greece too, under the warm sun. I'd like to go through it all again, even as guests!

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