When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Creative and elegant event design and planning

"Rosmarin Weddings and Events" offer:

- to plan from "a" to "z" your wedding in Corfu, Santorini and other Greece destinations;
- best solutions and scenarios for your wedding day;
- to coordinate your wedding day and to take care about all details;
- to take care about wedding decoration and whole wedding concept.

Weddings in Greece are always graceful: wedding in Greece - symbolic, orthdox or civil - attracts a lot of couples from around the world. And, you know, strange in this is nothing. The country is really amazing.

It's like you find yourself in a strange and pleasant dream where all of most ordinary things become a little bit different. Even exotic countries do not seem as interesting as Greece. All of its charm lies in the fact that if you are transported into a world where everything close and familiar remains in the way it were created. It would seem that a thousand years will erase everything ... But no, everything here breathes by echoes of authenticity.

And in this atmosphere we plan weddings in Greece: we take the couple, their parents and friends ... and transfer them to this ancient tale, a place that seems the most unusual on the Earth. Symbolic wedding in Greece, official, wedding ... Magical Greece will be the main note in any case.


Best wine and sunsets of Santorini, endless sandy beaches with turquoise sea of Corfu, simple architecture of Cyclades and turquise sea of Ionian islands. Perhaps it does what you will choose: traditional big Greek wedding with a lot of guests or an intimate ceremony just for two of you - this will be wedding in Greece which you will remember for the rest of your life.




“The best time to love with your whole heart is always now, in this moment, because no breath beyond the current is promised.”


Gradually the magic of Corfu settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen

Wedding in Corfu can be the fulfillment of your dreams! If you’ve ever imaged your celebration among the lush green hills, olive groves, overlooking the infinite blue sea - then Corfu is a place that will suit you perfectly.


Big Island, stretched on more than 60 km in the Ionian Sea, which extolled Homer in his "Odyssey". Lovely Corfu is different from usual Greek landscapes. And that’s the truth ... If you look, the architecture is more like a cozy Italian buildings, and beautiful Corfiot scenery can compete with Tuscany.


For couples who have decided to tie the knot in Corfu the island can offer a rich choice of wedding locations - white luxury villas hidden from prying eyes, cozy gourmet restaurants in the azure lagoons, and for those who appreciate elegance with a touch of history - palaces and small Castello’s, imbued with the spirit of Venetian age.

You are the ones who are looking for privacy and romance? Then let me offer you an intimate wedding in bohemian style in the olive grove where the trees reminds fairytale giants. Your wedding in Corfu can be any as you wish!


Everything in Corfu reunited together! Nature, warm Greek hospitality and, of course, delicious Greek cuisine.

Saint Spyridon, the patron of the island, will give you his blessing and will protect your marriage. Therefore don’t forget to come and worship him in the heart of Corfu Town before the wedding day.


Rich emerald island is always ready to open embrace to the hearts of lovers, just wish!