Michele and Sebastian, Piedra Del Mar, Corfu

Photographer: Elias Kardelakos
Venue: Piedra del Mar

Number of guests: 75


When Michele and Sebastian started to think about their wedding their first and ultimate decision was to have it somewhere abroad, next to the sea, where could come all their close friends and relatives to share this day with them. There is one more reason for that because basically couple lives in Paris but originally Michele is from Lebanon and Sebastian from Poland so there were not so many days in their life when their families collected together.
Michele and Sebastian were considering catholic ceremony and from the beginning their choice was directed to amazing Santorini or Mikonos. But there were not any opportunity to have make catholic ceremony there. This is how Corfu became one and only in final most right choice for the couple. Corfu island is very famous about it’s history and heritage and stay a bit apart about culture, architecture from other Greek islands which we’ve used to see. And the reason of that was big influence of Italy which is close to the island. There are a lot of catholic churches and for the wedding was chosen Cathedral church of Saint James and Christopher in the historical center of Corfu town.
Michele knew from the beginning that event styling should be very elegant with touches of chic. That’s why she choose pink and gold as main wedding colors. Reception dinner was take a place at the beachside restaurant – Piedra del Mar with perfect collaboration of Venetian Well restaurant who provided really elegant and gourmet catering.
Gorgeous wedding cake was made by Cake Boutique and really exceeded couple’s expectations. 

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