Katya and Roy, Corfu Luxury Villas, Corfu

Photographer: Yulia Kaptelova
Venue: Corfu Luxury Villas

Number of guests: 40


Katya and Roy is a very interesting and extraordinary couple. Katya was born in Rostov, has worked for a long time flight attendant in Russian airlines. Roy - Dutchman, although from his active-travel job probably, can be called soon like "a man of peace» ;). Now guys live in Oslo, though met each other in Moscow, when Roy headed there his work’s project.
When Katya received a marriage proposal (and it is, by the way, was made in very romantic and surprisingly way, with their closest friends) the biggest question appeared – venue of the main day. From the beginning the guys were considering Moscow, and Katya, being proactive bride already booked almost half of all the wedding services, and restaurant as well. But it was not that story which guys have dreamed of. Stuffy restaurant in the middle of summer, town-hall… - all that didn’t attract our heroes. And outdoor ceremony in Moscow didn’t seemed so original to people who have seen half of the world. With this phrase Katya came to me - "I really like the wedding that you do, but I’ve been in a lot of places of this world and I really don’t know where can be our wedding." Even the most wedding island Santorini didn’t inspire our bride. And it started long search of ideal wedding’s location. There were several working visits to Montenegro but on the last steps of bookings Katya suddenly changed her mind. Without further details 2 months later we finally decided and chose insanely beautiful, green Corfu. The complex of 3 private villas, which accommodate all guests and where we organized unusually gentle, romantic wedding ceremony and dinner.
As for palettes we chose pale lemon colors, gray and silver (for décor elements). This palette is perfect fitted into the surroundings and gently contrasted with a rich greenery around. Pastel printing in watercolor style perfectly complemented the whole concept. It should be noted that the guests carefully and with attention reacted to the bride’s request and chose outfits matching colors.
Villa was a wonderful wedding location. First, comfort for guests and couples. No need to organize additional transfer and party can end at any time, without depend on anything / anyone. Secondly, a beautiful interior, the beautiful nature around contribute to the wedding photo shoot, which was captured by talented Julia Kaptelova Third, for a small family wedding (and in this case, 30 guests), villa - incredibly cozy and atmospheric decision.
I would like to mention a beautiful cake that our corfu's pastry-chefs reproduced a from the wishes of Katya.
It was a very touching day, Roy cried twice, Kate as the right bride, of course, too. There was a lot of warm words from friends and family, fun and dancing. At the end of the evening Barbati village, where the villa is located, lit up from fireworks.
Thank you, guys, for your trust! And see you soon in Oslo or Moscow ;)


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