Alena & Vova' wedding in Santorini, Fira 

It happens that sometimes you meet new people in your life and you can say immediately: "This is my person." And even later if for some reason you rarely meet each other, you still know that you have intrinsically spiritual unity. It happened with Alena and Vova.
I remember after first meeting Alena impressed me very businesslike and serious girl. A successful financial analyst, Alena started plan her wedding as a kind of business project - marked her preferences clear, clear and without any "lyrical digressions". Nevertheless, from meeting to meeting, she opened for me in a new way, and after some time in front of me appeared a gentle loving woman, having besides a great sense of humor. All our meetings were more like old friends meet.  And like any bride who dreams to realize the most cherished dreams, Alena immersed in the wedding process with pleasure, each time paying attention to the new details. Vova like properly groom reacted calm on all "want" of Alena and without too much stress handed all process of organization to his future wife.
Choosing a color palette for this wedding, it was obvious that romantic, tender style didn’t fit the characters of the couple. It should have been something more elegant, sophisticated. As a result, we have chosen a combination of indigo (in details), gray and purple - one of the favorite colors of Alena. Special attention was given to printing which our designers made on simple kraft paper, but use pattern Santorinian village.
Florist complemented the whole concept with original flower arrangements that decorate the arch and banquet tables. Particular emphasis was placed on the sweet table.
Invitations delivered, all services were booked, and everything went smoothly ... But  I can not not to mention the crisis of the tourism business in Russia, which happened at the end of last summer. And, unfortunately, the guys got into trouble with the loss of tickets that have already been purchased by a group booking for themselves and guests. It was a real challenge, a test of strength. At the risk of cancellation of the event, through a lot of stress, couple decided that in any case their main day will be! And a special thanks to the guests, real friends who came on this wedding  and made this day a truly memorable!
Party roared into the night, tearing the air cheerful music, toasts and volleys of fireworks! Everything happened exactly the way it should have happened. And, as is often couple said: "we want to do it again”.  And I, as the planner, replied: "Guys, we have to repeat it!"))

Wedding planner and decor: Rosmarin Wedding and Events
Photographer: Katerina Avramenko
Wedding venue: Petit Palace hotel, Thira
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